Thursday, December 21, 2006

A little of this and that...

Well I thought I would post some pictures of my surprize birthday party. I was a little bit bummed this year as all my family members and friends told me they were either away or busy on my birthday. Let's face it... everyone likes to have a party at least I DO! Anyways the day arrived and Brad was great and gave me some nice presents, one of them being a facial! I LOVE FACIALS!! The plan was for Brad and I to go out for supper... alone which was fine with me. Of course I would of loved to have family and friends present but whatever. When we arrived at the restaurant low and behold my family and friends were there. SURPRIZE.. they had all tricked me and I fell for it. It was a pleasant surprize to have them all with me. I have to say.. I did well this year in the area of presents. I was spoiled (hehe and Christmas is right around the corner too.. smiles) As a kid I always made sure my parents made my b-day SEPERATE from Christmas so I didn't get robbed any presents. I was such a selfless kid hey?? :) Anyways Brad and I fly to Vancouver on Saturday to spend the holidays and new year with his family. It should be a alot of FUN with the FUNSTON family!(ha ha) Brad and I send our love to you all and hope you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Samantha!

As Stevie Wonder sings, "Isn't she lovely..."

Today my beautiful wife turns 26! Birthdays are a great opportunity to focus and reflect on the people that we love and remember why they are so special to us. I am very thankful for my wife and all of her many qualities. I love Samantha's heart for the Lord and her constant desire to be obedient to him. I love how she cares for people and is always eager to be generous and hospitable to those who come into our home. I love watching her when she holds a baby in her arms, as she sings and rocks them to sleep; I know she will make a wonderful mother one day (one day long from now!). I love how she is sensitive to the needs of others. Even though it may drive me crazy at times, I love to hear her sing. She has a beautiful voice. I love how she gets excited over a new shirt or a new pair of earings. I love that she is authentic. I love it when she makes me supper. Not only can she sing, but she is great cook. I love it when she smiles at me. I love that she is making me into a better person. I know I probably don't say it enough, but I love her and am very thankful that God has given her to me. It takes a very special person to be able to put up with me at times! She must be very special then.

Happy Birthday Samantha!
I love you. xoxoxoxoxox

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Here's My 100....

1. When I was 4 years old my sister threatened to run away from home.
2.It made me cry, because I thought she was serious.
3. I still remember her little brown suitcase all packed up by the door.
4.I was a very picky eater when I was little.
5. Now I love almost everything.
6. I always have wanted to be a mom.
7. I particulary love babies.
8. Whenever I go to Walmart I scan the baby section, I love looking at strollers.
9. I love seeing pregnant ladies who look cute.
10 I hope I can look cute pregnant.
11. I also hope Brad and I have cute kids.
12. I went to Sweden (Capernwray) for my first year of bible school.
13. For my 2nd year I went to Capernwray Harbour on Thetis Island.
14. I met my husband Brad in 2000 on Thetis Island.
15. At first I thought he was loud and slightly irratating.
16. Now I can't imagine life without him.
17. I love watching 24.
18. A guy I use to work with (Andy Wouda) got me hooked.
19. Now Brad and I are obsessed with it.
20. We can hardly wait till season 6 starts.
21. I have travelled to 3 continents.
22. I would love to travel to all of them.
23. Hopefully someday.
24. When I got married I felt like a princess in my dress.
25. Just as I immagined it growing up.
26. I even did the little swirly thing in my dress on my wedding day.
27. It wasn't until my first year of bible school did I realize that God wanted to have a realationship with me.
28. Until that first year I lived my life not knowing that Christ was living in me and wanted to live His life through me.
29. I am so thankful that I now know, my life is much richer.
30. I hate peas.
31. I love saucey dishes.
32. The more sauce the better.
33. I love dipping my french fries in mayonaise.
34. I also know how fattening it is.
35. I don't care (most of the time) :)
36. I use to enjoy running.
37. I was more motivated to run when Brad and I were dating.
38. Now i usually make an exuse as to why it won't work for me to exercise.
39.I have been on two cruises.
40. The food on them was incredible.
41. I would love to go on one with my hubby.
42. We hope to one day.
43. I love going out for coffee.
44. My mom and i go usually once a week.
45. I only ever dated my husband.
46. I am thankful for that.
47. I knew that i wanted to marry him as soon as I got to know him.
48. He made me feel so comfortable.
49. I never felt like that with any other guy.
50. I am blessed to have such a godly husband.
51. When I get mad I like to go for a drive.
52. I love decorating homes.
53. I think paint can do wonders to a room.
54. Just one little paint job can completely warm up and enhance a room.
55. I get excited when I know I get to dine out for dinner.
56. I enjoy cooking when I have the time.
57. I enjoy hosting guests and making people feel comfortable.
58. I love going to Puerto Vallarta.
59 I have been over 10 times.
60. I love being an Auntie to my sister's kids.
61. I have one nephew and one neice.
62. I enjoy skiing.
63. Too bad Saskatchewan does not have more hills.
64. I enjoy frap's from Starbucks.
65. Especially caramel ones.
66. All my grandparents have passed away.
67. I miss my mum's dad (grandad) the most.
68. He was english and had false teeth.
69. He use to take them out and make a silly fish face.
70. It was kinda scary looking but entertaining to watch.
71. One of my favorite things to do is watch people.
72. The best place to people watch is at an airport or mall.
73. I could sit with a coffee and watch people go by for hours.
74. I'm not a weird or anything I just enjoy all the diversity in our human race.
75. When I was in grade 7 I was on a ping pong team.
76. To this day I can play a mean game of table tennis.
77. When I was in grade 8 I was in a trampoline club.
78. I thought this was soooo cool.
79. Now I just laugh thinking back on how cool I thought I was.
80. I have always had lot's of close girlfriends.
81. I still am close to my elementary and highschool friends.
82. Whenever I have a pen in my hand I doodle my name.
83. I also write out our future kids names.
84. My husband thinks I am strange for doing this on a daily basis.
85. I love chocolate.
86. I could eat it anytime, anywhere.
87. Once I opened the stall door to a lady going to the bathroom.
88. She got so mad at me.
89. Even though she had not closed the door all the way.
90. Her panicked face is still clear in my mind to this day.
91. I love typing on the computer when I have gel nails on.
92. It makes my hands look and feel pretty.
93. I love playing the guitar.
94. It is a stress releiver.
95. I like romantic chick flicks.
96. I would rather stay in a fancy hotel then camp.
97. I love Christmas time.
98. I love traditions.
99. I love that I live in Saskatchewan.
100. It's the friendliest province..


Monday, November 27, 2006

A new tradition...

Ever since i was little i loved traditional things with the family. Now that i am married i am excited to start new traditions. The first one being when we put up the tree. Last year we had just moved to Moose Jaw on the 20th of December so we didn't bother putting up a tree. This year was the first official tree decoarating! I was pretty pumped to get it up, so i suggested to Brad that we put it up Nov.15th. I know that sounds a bit early but why not enjoy 5 or 6 weeks with it up. We bought some egg nog, got out the x-mas tunes and decorated it. It was a lot of fun. Brad still thinks it is too early but i think it's perfect :) Once it was all up and the work was over for him he was glad that we had done it when we had. Men are so funny!
I love the coziness of Christmas!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Happy Couple Pictures!!!

Brad was insistant that i post some more pictures of our trip, so hope you enjoy :)

More pic's for mom in BC

Brad's mom requested a few more pictures of our trip to Mexico so here they are:

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mexico was a Blast!!!

Well we got back from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Sunday night! We had a wonderful time with the whole family! I could of easily stayed another week. Here are some pictues of the trip:

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Off to the sun

Wereo offo to Meixco!!! The coldo weathera hasa arriveda, can'to waito to sito by the poolo and relaxa. As you can see I am fluent in spanish and shouldn't have much trouble communicating!
See you later..... brad

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Well today Brad turned 28. It's hard to beleive that i met him over 6 years ago. I remember celebrating his 23rd b-day with him and that doesn't seem like that long ago. Last night i took him out to Memory's, it's the same restaurant we went to for our one year anniversary. My parents met up with us, and we had a great evening. Our meals were all so good. We just sat and talked for over 3 hours. So often in North America were always rushed, were in a hurry for just about everything we do. It was nice to take our time and really fellowship, laugh and enjoy the atmosphere and good food! Today i had to work so my sister took Brad out for lunch so he wouldn't eat alone on his b-day. They came to Smitty's and sat in my section, i got all the girls to come and sing the good old b-day song. Let's just say his face went pretty red, and Brad doesn't get embarrassed that often. It was a good weekend and now were off to bible study. Here are some pictures of our great food and of course great company. Happy birthday honey, i love you more than i can often express! I seriously think and beleive that i snagged the greatest man alive. xoxoxo

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dress up day...

Today at work we were all MADE to dress up for Halloween.It was actually a lot of fun. The day was full of laughter, and strange looks from customers. I was a nurse, my $ 9.99 cents costume from Superstore did me well. When i orginally bought my coustume it didn't look as short on the model in the picture, but when i put it on it was another story. I was a little nervous at first that i was going to hang out of it, or that some old man would stare at my inapropiately. Luckily all the customers thought it was really cute and the comment of the day was "geesh all of sudden i'm not feeling to well, i think i might need a nurse." It was funny for the first hour of work, but by hour seven i just wanted to get home. One comment that was especailly funny was this 70 year old man telling me that i sure made his pulse rise. He quickly got a slap from his dear wife who was sitting beside him. (Whoopsee i hope i didn't get him into too much trouble) The good thing about dressing a little scandolous once in awhile is that you make great tips. :) All in all it was an entertaining day.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm Lucky!

I just have to say that i'm a lucky girl to be married to such an incredible man. This is Brad studying hard. Right now he is trying to get ahead of the game as we are heading to PEURTO VALLARTA in a week. Were both really excited to get away. Both my sisters and there kids and my parents will be joining us. Oh ya... back to why Brad is incredible... even in the midst of his busyness he always makes time for me. Whether he asks me to go for a walk or out for coffee he makes the effort. He also does laundry, vacuums and keeps the house looking spic and span!

So.... Brad, thank-you for all you do, i'm very proud of you and love you very much!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A third turkey dinner...YUM YUM

My hansome dadBrad and Katy..isn't that cute?
Ferlan and my newphew Jackson

My dear momma
Lauren and Samantha
The whole family eating yum yum..
Danielle, Benji and baby Katy
Katy going for a walk with Auntie Samantha and Uncle Brad
Katy and Auntie Samantha

On Friday night my sister Danielle and brother-in-law Benji and neice Katy Faith came from San Jose for the week. It was Brad and I's first time meeting her. She is 9 weeks and has the bluest eyes ever. She is absolutely precious and i have fallen in love with her. Every chance i get i'm over at my mom and dad's house playing, cuddling and just staring at her. Babies truely are a gift, i just love watching them. It amazes me how God has made each of us so intricate and that not one of us our the same. It is incredible... i have to say that i'm exctied to be a mommy. Don't worry not for a few more years.. i know i know! :) Last night we all went to my sister Lauren's house for a third turkey dinner. It was soooo good, i need to get back on the tread mill pretty quick here! :) Here are some pictures of the evening. It was nice to finally have the whole family together.

Friday, October 13, 2006

My Wife

Samanatha has been very faithful in updating our blog over the last few months, but in the hundreds of comments we recieve, many of you are asking "when is brad going to write?" As most of you know life on the praries is very busy with cleaning bugs of your car and the six months of snow shoveling there isn't much time to sit down. Luckily I married an experienced prarie girl who can do all that stuff for me, but seriously I am very blessed to be married to such a wonderful and hard working person. Samantha has been busy over the last few months, turning our house into a wonderful home. Believe me I can take no credit as she is the first to so graciously and humbly tell me of all that she has done!:) She just finished painting our office/second bedroom a nice red colour. It's called Louisianna hot sauce. We both love it and hope to eventually turn it into a guest bedroom and then move the office down to the basement. With the training from my wonderful mother in law, Samantha has decorated and painted pretty much every room in the house. As seen in the picture above her sense of style is not just in decorating the home but she personally exibits tremendous style and beauty. I am very thankful for her and love her very much.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thanksgiving get together...

Last night Brad and i headed to Caronport to Dave and Jenelle Hindereger's house. They invited us over for a turkey dinner. Jenelle and Dave were just married in June, and it was her first time cooking a thanksgiving supper. I have to say that it was soooo good. We had mashed potato's, yams, cooked carrots, stuffing, turkey, gravy yorkshire pudding,cranberry orange sauce and more. Jenelle also served itilian soda's to start, which was a great idea. She made them with cranberry juice, gingerale and whipping cream. The whipping cream had a little sugar and vanilla in it. It was delightful. You should really give them a try. For dessert we had pumkin pie and homemade mini cinnamon buns and coffee.

We did a lot of laughing as Brad and Dave have similar humor, and when you get two guys together like that it can get crazy!!! Jenelle and i had to keep them in line.. most of the evening. :)

Before we went over to their house, i showed Brad the house in Caronport that i grew up in. I lived in that house from grade 3 till grade10. One thing that i loved about our house was the backyard. The backyard was huge and it led out into a beautiful alley full of trees and a little path. As kids we constantly played back there, and wrote our initials in so many trees. You know best friends forever kind of things. Here are some pictures of the day! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

City Wide Awakening

Last night was really encourging so i wanted to share a story about the city of Moose Jaw! A couple of weeks ago Brad met a guy named Will. Will and his wife Melanie have a real heart for the youth of the city and decided to start a ministry. The ministry is in the parking lot of the Church of God (where Brad and I attend) Last night was the kick off for the city, the desire of Will and his wife is that many youth and whoever else hears or walks by will come to know the Lord. Brad and I went last night to help where we could and met some neat people.
There was a big stage set up and a music team(which Will headed up) and a speaker. There was a man named Phil who shared his testimony, he was heavy into drugs, drinking ect. and only became a Christian 5 days ago. There was also a guest speaker from Wisconsin who shared his testimony. I was personally touched last night, to be outside in God's creation and presence, and to see people give their lives to the Lord.

I never imagined that Brad and i would be in Moose Jaw together outside in a church parking lot praising the Lord. I'm thankful that Will is following through with the vision that God has given him. The Church of God is right off main street, so i'm sure everyone driving by was wondering what on earth was going on. (As the music was quite loud) I'm excited already about the next one, they are having City wide once a month. At the end of the night there was free hot chocoalte and brownies, which topped of our already lovely evening! GOD IS GOOD!!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Friends came and went...

Well this weekend was fun and fast. We had our friends fly in from Richmond,BC on Saturday night to come to the Lions and Roughrider game in Regina. Brad, Christopher, Michelle and Edwin were at the game and Heather and I stayed behind as we wanted some girl time. They all were convinced that BC had the game before they even left, but good old Sk, pulled through in the end and won the game. (hehe) Let' s just say Brad was not a happy camper. He told me "he could of cried". Poor guy, he will be over it in about a week! Christopher and Michelle had to leave early Monday morning so it was a pretty short trip for them, but it was great to see them. After the game all 6 of us went to Hopkins for wings and potato skins. It was good but we all felt a little bloated as we left.. we were all so hungry and ate a little to much!

Yesterday and today were my days off. I have had this huge canker sore for the last week and it is draining me of all my energy. I hate canker sores with a passion, they last forever and i can barely talk. In the last year i have had them on and off, i am not quite sure what's causing them? People seem to have all different ideas on what causes them.

Anyways Brad and i painted our garage yesterday. Our neighbour Glen came out as we were painting and informed us that our garage had not been painted in over 10 years. He is a funny man, him and his wife take in(literally ) all the cats around the neighbourhood. There is always a cat in site around our block. I'll post some pictures of the last few days.