Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Friends came and went...

Well this weekend was fun and fast. We had our friends fly in from Richmond,BC on Saturday night to come to the Lions and Roughrider game in Regina. Brad, Christopher, Michelle and Edwin were at the game and Heather and I stayed behind as we wanted some girl time. They all were convinced that BC had the game before they even left, but good old Sk, pulled through in the end and won the game. (hehe) Let' s just say Brad was not a happy camper. He told me "he could of cried". Poor guy, he will be over it in about a week! Christopher and Michelle had to leave early Monday morning so it was a pretty short trip for them, but it was great to see them. After the game all 6 of us went to Hopkins for wings and potato skins. It was good but we all felt a little bloated as we left.. we were all so hungry and ate a little to much!

Yesterday and today were my days off. I have had this huge canker sore for the last week and it is draining me of all my energy. I hate canker sores with a passion, they last forever and i can barely talk. In the last year i have had them on and off, i am not quite sure what's causing them? People seem to have all different ideas on what causes them.

Anyways Brad and i painted our garage yesterday. Our neighbour Glen came out as we were painting and informed us that our garage had not been painted in over 10 years. He is a funny man, him and his wife take in(literally ) all the cats around the neighbourhood. There is always a cat in site around our block. I'll post some pictures of the last few days.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Birthday fun

On September 9th my not so little nephew turned 3! I don't want him to get any older i just love the age he is at. He is discovering so much right now, and it's fun spending time with him. Unfortunetly on Saturday they had a birthday party for him at Mcdonalds but i had to work. Uncle Brad was able to go so he took some pictures of the party. Isin't he a cutie?? He is the little one in the red! My mom is the one behind him. I'm a proud Auntie if you haven't noticed!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

A random day...

Well today i am not working which is a huge releif. I worked the last 6 days and it has been so busy. I slept till 10:00am today, i don't usually like sleeping in that late but my body needed the rest. I don't have any huge plans today.. made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my husband(that he was bugging me for) and a tuna casserole for lunch and that was my morning. My mom and i are going for coffee this afternoon. It has been really nice living back in Sask. I have come to apprecaite my family.... in a different way! I love that we can just walk up the street and were at my sister's and my parents house. Later on today i might head out to Caronport, Brad has a evening class from 7-10 and my dear friend Becky lives there so i might drive in with him and visit her for the evening. Well i know this was not the most exciting entry, but like i said it is a random, ordinary day. I'm going to try and post some pictures of our house tonite we have done some more work on a few rooms. Until then...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A few pictures

Thought i'd post a few pictures of the big day one year ago!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Football fun.. and more to come!!!

Labour Day weekend Brad and i and our friend Phil Cavey and his new bride Hannah came down from Winnipeg to watch the Roughriders beat and kill the Winnipeg Bluebombers! It was a beautiful evening to watch the game, the sun was literally shinning on the downtown. It looked awesome, i never thought of Regina as a pretty town, but on that evening it was. It was nice spending time with them, they came back to Moose Jaw for the night and we looked at each other's wedding albums. Here are some pictures of the game.

September 24th weekend friends of ours Christopher and Michelle are flying out from Richmond, BC. Edwin and Heather Rijvers are coming down as well to watch the BC Lions take on the Roughriders. Should be a good game watching Sask. beat the Lions (he he) Brad thinks BC will win hands down. I being a Sask. fan beg to differ!

Monday, September 11, 2006

It's hard to beleive...

It's so hard to believe that Brad and i have been married for a whole year. Time has gone so quickly. We were reminicing last night about everything that we have done and what our highlights of the year were. We both agreed that one of the highlights was going to San Fransisco in December. We have also enjoyed having a home and decorating, it has been so fun.

Brad just started back at Briercrest again this last week. He is in the pastoral ministries program. He will be finished in December of 08. It still seems like a long time but i know it will fly by. I'm still serving up in the mall at Smitty's and getting great hours. I open at 8:30 and am done by 3 each day. It's awesome to have my afternoons and evenings free. It's also handy as i only live 3 blocks from the mall, it allows me to walk to work. Well sometimes when i'm tired Brad will drive me(hehe) . Anyways i better get to bed it's getting late...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Treated like a lady for our 1 year anniversary

Well... tonite i was swept off my feet. First of all, Brad thank-you so much for the wonderful evening. It was a lovely day from the start to finish. You made me feel soooooo special and loved. Know that i am so proud to be your wife and that i love you with all my heart. I am thankful that the Lord has blessed me with a man like you. You went the extra mile to make tonite memorable and it was!

So... i bet you fellow bloggers are wondering what my hubby did. Well i woke up this morning to Brad asking me for a drink of water, which was weird. He never asks for water in the morning. I thought it was a strange request but i said sure. In the kitchen on the counter was a gift certificate for a pedicure and facial. A huge smile crept over my face. I had to work from 8-3 and he arranged for me to be at the spa for 3:30. When i arrived home at 3 there was 12 red roses on the table and a bag. He bought me a cute shirt, hat and coconut lotion i have been bugging him for. Time was running so i did a little skip and went out the door to the spa.(Of course smiling away) When i arrived home at 5:30 i was completly relaxed and felt as though i were floating. Facial's are so wonderful it was my first one and plan to have more.I quickly hopped in the shower and Brad told me to dress up for fine dining. We headed off to Regina to Memories, a beautiful, fancy restaurant. We enjoyed a candle lit dinner, which was very tasty. To top it off we stopped at Mcdonalds for hot fudge sunday's on the way home. I love Mcyd's sunday's. It was a delightful evening and i felt very lucky and spoiled. Do i have a good guy or what?? Here are some pictures at Memories.. Thanks again hon your the BEST!!!

A year ago today...

A year ago today i married this hansome man... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY honey!!!