Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An Update...

Well I just spent the last 45 mintues writing a new post and I went to view it, and somehow I ended up deleting it. I am not a very happy girl at the moment. Let's try this again... well today I am off work which is great. Brad and I went to the YMCA this morning at 9:00 and got home at 10:00. I enjoy working out in the morning as you get it over with and feel "in shape." I threw a roast into the slowcooker, after my 25 minute shower. It is so nice to have the time to just stand under a hot shower. (and to have the house to myself.. hehe I still love you though Brad! ) Now all I can smell is garlic, barbeque sauce and steakspice permiating the entire house. It is making me really hungry. I have to say that slowcookers are a wonderful invention. We got one as a wedding gift, and only used it for the first time a couple of months ago.

Anyways... right now were in the process of deciding whether or not to buy and renovate a new home. My mom and dad own a number of property's and one of them just came up for us to potentially buy. It is an older, brick, character home. It is located only 3 or 4 blocks from where we are now. It has 3 bedrooms and only 1 bathroom. If we did buy it we would want to gut the kitchen and redo it and add another bathroom. We also would want to keep the house we have now and rent it out. In our current home we have fixed up the upstairs and our basement is still unfinsihed. We have been trying to decide if it is worth fixing up the basement, or if we should just buy this new one. Hopefully in the next few weeks will have made a decision. Here are some pictures of our house currently. I wish I had some more before pictures... O well!
Our living room

Our front porch
Another angle of porch
Another angle of porch
Living room and kitchen

Back yard and garage that was just reshingled this past weekend. We painted it last summer. Brad and I 's room
Another angle of our room
And another angle
Our guest room that we just did this last week Our bathroom


Heather Rijvers said...

You made your home beautiful Sam! We are so excited about coming this weekend and being the first to make use of your guest suite. Love ya!

KimberlyMuehling said...

You have a very sweet house (but I'm a great lover of character homes too). Houses are so hard to decide anything about. I can't even figure out paint colors! It's nice to see a clean "adult" house :)

Girlie said...

Can I hire you as my personal interior designer? Jon and I just bought a house. It's not a fix-me-upper but I am so NOT a decorator. Wanna come out here for a visit in July and help me decorate? Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

a 45 minute shower?? What the heck do you do for 45 minutes?? Wow girl- you are one lucky woman if you can do that! Live it up now. Showers alone are few and far between. Anytime Jake realizes I am in the shower without him he takes a running leap into the shower- most times clothes and all. Dan had to install a second shower head to our shower yesterday... enough about that though. I am honored that you have found me worth the log in just to see my blog. I thought of you today- I am singing on the worship team at church this weekend. You were always my biggest fan!! I miss you, girlfriend!

Amie said...

it looks great Sam, is it always that tidy?????????

Dream BIG said...

beautiful home sammy! And yes, the prego pics are long over due. I will post some soon :)