Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's Time...

Well I know it is definitely time for a new post. I feel as though the day's keep going faster and faster. In the last couple of weeks since I last wrote so much has transpired. You know when you mean to write and something else keeps coming up?? Well that is how the last 2 weeks have been for me. Today I was off work; which enabled me to go to church. Whohoo!!! I usually work Sunday's so it is always a treat to be able to go with Brad. I finally built up enough courage to ask for a couple Sunday's off a month. To my surprize they said they would do the best they could do make it possible. So far I have been getting every other Sunday off; which has been an answer to prayer. Here are a few pictures of the last few weeks:

This is Becky, Sam, Purdy and Melody: I went to elementary school with all of these girls. Last weekend Purdy and Melody came down from Alberta . I had the chance to reconnect with them again after 5 years of not seeing them. We had a great time, it is so fun to see old friends!
This is Heather and I. A few weekends ago Brad and I went to their house in Swift Current,Sk for the weekend and we had an awesome time. They were very hospitable and made us feel very welcome. The food was sooo good! Thanks again guys!
Edwin cooking up a chicken alfredo pasta dish. It was delicious! Heather and Edwin standing outside of their house!
This is my best friend Kandis Biette and her little girl Kyra Star. She lives in Regina, Sk. It was Kandis's birthday on March 2. Her husband had a surprise party for her on Satrurday.


Heather Rijvers said...

Hey, i am so happy you and Brad came down to visit. Edwin and I had such a great time with you both. We will have to plan another weekend soon, OK!

Zabrina said...

Oh Samantha...I've been thinking the last couple days that I really miss you! Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

thanks sam for the leaving your comment... and leaving your address for me!!! that was quick!! thank you. i should probably write a little more on my blog about what joe does, etc... but i'm so afraid of like totally boring people. he works for an asset management firm in delaware- formerly in new jersey. he basically is an investment manager there. you would love him... i hope you get to meet him some day. he's pretty shy, but he warms up. i'll write more later... love you guys! erika from america