Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Family Time

For Easter weekend Brad's family came to visit from BC. We had a very good time with them. It was great seeing them all again. Since we live in such a touristy little town, we had lot's to do. We started the weekend by visiting the famous Moose Jaw tunnels. I have lived here for a long time and have never done them, and I am glad I finally did! Be sure to check out the tunnels if you ever visit the "friendly city". (That is our town slogan !) :) I know I am cheesy!

Our weekend also included having meals together, relaxing ,watching some of our favorite tv shows, playing games, and going to our Easter church service. On Sunday night both families got together at my sister Lauren's house to have an Easter supper. It was nice for everyone to be together. We just wanted to say "thanks again" to Crawford, Joyce, Lindsey and Kyla for taking time to come down and visit us. We really appreciated everything you did for us, and we are thankful and blessed to have you all in our lives.

Having a roast beef supper at our house
At the tea house
The girls having tea

We had a nice brunch at the Spa on Saturday morning. Brad's parents took us all out which was a wonderful treat! Brad's mom, sisters and I also had the chance to go for tea at Cranberry Rose. It is an old home converted into a beautiful gift shop and tea house. We had yummy cranberry scones with real whipped cream and strawberry butter.

After tea Kyla and I went for pedicures which was so much fun! I love pedicures, it was Kyla's first time having one. I wish I could have a pedicure twice a month!


Anonymous said...

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Amie said...

We are going to be married on September 20th. We're having the reception at Capernwray Hall and have the whole hall for accommodation and use for the 19th 20th and 21st so guests can stay over and we have time to hang out and visit, swim and play games. We're so excited. Andy's family can all come and a lot of our friends but we are still going to have a reception in Summerland in the fall for people who can't, and a party at Capernwray Harbour I think too. You'll get an invite in a few weeks but those are the plans for now. If you have any holidays around then and want to come back to visit 'your homeland' then we would be so excited but we know it's a very long way.

Anonymous said...

Teresa or "TILLY" is coming here tomorrow!! (Wednesday May 9th) ~ In reply to your comment on my blog. Sheesh Sam- time to update the blog!!!! love ya!!